Thing 16

I explored thing 16. The Library Thing excited me. I was able to find a really old book and would really appreciate reading it.  I searched by author and then by title and was able to get to it. Great. This would be good for the students to find outdated books. And especially great if they don’t start changing words in the text. This way we can get the true author meaning in the books.

Thing 23

I successfully recorded one comment, but I don’t know where the other went. I recorded it, but had a problem saving it. I basically commented that I appreciated the course, will be using Flicker and maybe having students comment on a subject or film as an assignment. Thank you to Ms. Gaskins and Ms. Grant who helped tirelessly to instruct those of us with many questions. I’d like to revisit some of the sessions, especially if you ever have this course and design to have an instuctor teaching the lessons each week. It was hard without individual attention to accomplish anything.

Thing 22 classroom 2.0

I checked out the classroom 2.0. I think I may be able to use this idea, but I’m not sure about how to get the most out of it. I couldn’t get to Twitter (it was blocked), but while exploring I found a teacher posted a picture and asked students to comment on it. I like the idea that the WEB opens up so many possibilities. I can have access to many more pictures and the students could actually use the equipment they received for Christmas gifts to respond to an assignment instead of texting their friends.

Thing 21 Map

The directions are not very clear. I found a picture I took in Guatemala and wanted to use it, so I chose “C” option. I tried to find it after I put the picture in, but I had difficulity getting to the site. I understand how valuable mapping can be and how it could add enrichment to a study as well as be very helpful when visiting other countries.

Thing 20

New thoughts were running through my head as I explored the possibilities in using Google Docs.  I have already begun to collaborate with the Computer lab teacher, Ms. D., a project for my History class. Each student will be assigned a president and will be required to research the information about him. We will all contribute to a final project that they will be able to view and perhaps get a copy of.

I suggested to the lab teacher that she put her calender out there for the staff to be able to book appointments to use the lab. Her concern was every period would be booked, but there must be a way to show blocked off periods, so she can get her lunch in. She didn’t want others to have control of her schedule. This will take some more thought before she could use Docs for that purpose.

I see the advantage of projects being available for all to work on, but it could backfire when students allow classmates to sit and do nothing, while certain students do their work for them. I haven’t figured out how that will play out yet.

Thing 19 two tubes

Unfortunately “You Tube” was blocked. I did find some interesting information throughTeacherTube, One of which I will be able to use in a short 2 weeks from now. Abraham Lincoln (an actor) was reading his Gettysburg Address. Historical pictures were woven into the video, and it was interesting for me to see, so I’m hoping it will be interesting for the students. Of course, I could already see how some different techniques would have made it better, but anything in technology is helpful in bringing alive history. I hope to use this site often.

I also viewed a video about the Salem Witch hunts, although not a pleasant topic, it was very informative.

Another video I found which I call “fun” is attached. A smart little girl knows where the states are located. I think that is amazing.

Thing 15 Delicious

I relate the tagging to a paper filing system I used to use. The difference is I could only file in one file and it sometimes frustrated me when my documents were under a different file. This is a great way to add a few titles to find what I want. An example of my old filing system for phone numbers were to have a section in my Rolodex that was a category like “neighbors.” I used that page when I couldn’t remember my neighbor’s names. This new skill in Delicious is a great time saver.  I also like instant access to other great sites.